You may be surprised to see me wearing white as we head into the second week of September, but let’s be real… white is so universally chic. It will be timeless for years to come and can most certainly be worn after labour day (hey, rules are made to be broken).
That being said, I’ve really been loving the high-waisted jeans look as of late, especially in white. They pair so beautifully with anything from tees tucked in, to body-suits to everything in between. In fact, this kind of style helps to elongate the silhouette, making everything look sleek and is one of my favourites by far. It can be so stylish when worn the right way- here are my tips on how to wear white anytime of the year:
Neutrals are such an easy colour to wear (think taupe, tan, khaki, black etc.). They work well with different shades of white and when paired together, really compliments your overall look. Since most of us already have neutrals in our closets, don’t be afraid to put them to good use and add it with your whites.
Nothing makes a stronger statement than adding layers to your outfit. This adds dimension and creates such a cozy, chic vibe that is perfect for staying warm when the temperature cools down. I love adding sweaters over tees or a long cardigan over a crew neck and skirt.
Accessories are a great addition to any outfit! It really transforms an otherwise simple outfit and adds that special touch of colour or embellishment, making your overall look put together. Another great tip is marrying opposites when you’re accessorizing. Think pairing leather with lace or something luxe with a print; the perfect juxtaposition.
How do you wear white year round? Do share below. xoxo




Don’t you love it when you can combine all of your latest obsessions into one single outfit? Today’s look happens to be a perfect example of that; rolling all of my top essentials into one, pieces that can transition so easily into fall. I mean, other than being practical, being able to wear these multiple ways is so refreshing.

One of these pieces is…well yet another classic bomber jacket. I know what you’re thinking. Just when you think you’ve seen them all, here is one that was a hidden gem, something I stumbled across while window shopping. I had to have it. For one thing, this particular piece has more of a fitting silhouette compared to others, which is perfect for anyone with a petite frame. I also love the fact that I can wear this with multiple looks imaginable. Dressed up or down, this jacket really is the perfect combination of style and comfort.
Adding to my list of obsessions du jour is another honourable mention… this bag from YSL. As some of you may already know, I always love a good basic. In fact, I usually look for pieces with that special detail; gold hardware or a certain silhouette. It has to pair well with a lot of my current favourites and be something that stays timeless for seasons to come. Basically it’s a piece I love, not like. This bag is all of that rolled into one. Love that!
What are your current obsessions? Do share below. xoxo


You don’t see a lot of over accessorizing here on Sweet as Fiction. Simplicity has always been my go-to for almost any occasion as it’s the most timeless way to make a statement without looking too overbearing. That being said, I’ve been working on including some more subtle, yet classic pieces to my wardrobe because when worn the right way, these can be a stylish additions to any look.
Take this hat, for example. I’ve seen it pretty much everywhere throughout the summer and never thought this particular style would work for me. Once I brought it home and incorporated it into some of my favourite looks, I fell head over heels! In fact, I’ve been tempted to add more of it in every colour imaginable (love this), but practicality first! I’ve always believed in investing in pieces that can be worn multiple ways and this is definitely one that can be incorporated for different occasions; travel, summer and everything in between! I just love that.
How do you incorporate statement accessories into your everyday? Do share below! xoxo


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