Health and fitness has always been very important to me. Whether that’s taking a good workout class or switching up my diet, fitness has always given me the balance my hectic lifestyle needs and honestly, there is no better cure to stress than a good workout! That being said, there is nothing I love more than taking a good kickboxing class.
South paw, right jab, left cross, right hook, left swing kick–

My favourite local spot to sweat it out is at Parklawn Big Hit Kickboxing. It’s open to ages 14 and up and has 4 locations stretched across the GTA (with a 5th opening later this summer), making it easily accessible.

Typically when most people think of kickboxing, they think of an old grunge-style kickboxing gym. This is where Big Hit is a hit above the rest! Their studios are clean, modern and have an energetic vibe. They offer a range of group inspired fitness classes that are inviting to anyone at any level which differentiates them from the every-day gymThis in itself eliminates the pressure to spar or hold pads with partners and takes away the intimidation for those who’ve never tried any type of kickboxing class. You learn newly created strikes on a man-like punching bag (ie. B.O.B.), with customized playlists to keep your heart pumping and energy up, giving you the best of fitness and kickboxing. If you love a challenge and want to switch up your workout routine, you have to try Big Hit!
To me working out is all mind over matter, with my fitness goals ever evolving over the last couple of years. That used to mean working out to look good and it still is to that extent, but now I’ve switched my focus to train my body to be healthier and stronger while pushing my mind (#YouvsYou). I’ve trained at Big Hit for over a year and I can definitely say there have been classes where I’ve wanted to stop, but kept at it because the results are worth it! There is no better workout than the one that pushes you to the limit and I can guarantee you will get that at Big Hit. All thanks to their classes and incredible trainers I’m in the best shape and cannot wait to take the next step with pad training.
Big Hit offers 8 classes found below:
My personal favourites are Corebox, BallinBox and Powerbox. If you’re new to their studio, they have a new member trial which includes 2 weeks of unlimited kickboxing classes, a pair of boxing gloves, hand wraps and a glove bag for $59. You can also buy a range of unlimited class memberships (1 month- $199, 3 month-$179 & 6 month- $159) or try one on one with a trainer (another personal favourite).
For those of you that live in the east end, their 5th new location opens on the Danforth on August 26th!  More info on Big Hit can be found here.
Have you tried kickboxing before? Been to Big Hit? Share below. XO


For those of you that have been following along on Sweet as Fiction know that my style stays consistent no matter what time of the year. It’s a bit elevated, always sticking to classics that be incorporated throughout each season; all in all: just chic. No matter what, my looks are put together with a bit of imperfection, which is how I like it.

When it comes to styling a look, I try to work around a piece that speaks to me. These are usually the investments; a bag or a coat and then I add accessories to elevate the look and tie it all together. Take this motto jacket for instance. It’s been an all time favourite of mine and I love finding new ways to wear it. It’s one of those pieces that work for most occasions and is incredibly versatile. It pairs so well with a white tee and ripped denim and can easily work just as well over a dress for that juxtaposition. It’s those classic pieces that are added to our wardrobe every season that just gets better with age. You can find the one I am wearing in today’s look here.

What are your favourite ways to wear a moto? xoxo




What better way to celebrate the beautiful weather than dressing in white! For the most part, I love wearing white head-to-toe, but I also love mixing it up by adding touches of neutrals for that hint of sophistication. Below are some tips on how to style all white this season:


There’s nothing that compliments a tan better than an ‘all white’ look. It’s chic and it won’t draw in any extra heat. In order to look effortless (without thinking twice) look for pieces that are light and airy.


Add an accessory like these rock stud heels to finish off your look or a pair of nude heels (love these). They go with everything – plus they add length to your legs.


Nothing beats a classic white tee with good pair of white jeans. Choose a pair that flatters your body type and makes you feel amazing.


Don’t be afraid to mix textures; it adds dimension to your look and can look so chic when done right. Embroidered, lace and linen are my favourites.

Mixing whites with neutrals has always been my favourite combo. It creates that strong, yet understated impact, making it so universally appealing. Just love that! Adding yet another favourite: the beautiful cross-body bag from Chloe was the perfect finishing touch.

Thoughts on all white for this season? Check out more of favourite below! xoxo