Month: January 2017



Punta Cana is a dream! It’s full of pretty backdrops, bright clear blue water and some of the most amazing food! Aside from it being my all time favourite beach destination, we fell in love with this resort the moment we visited two years ago! With their private cabanas, super comfy beach beds and, of course, amazing food, naturally we had to visit again. ūüôā
As their beach was secluded on the royal service side, we were able to shoot one of my more relaxed looks with ease. I wore this classic button down over my bikini on one of the first days of our trip (shown above). I love keeping my vacation style polished and a classic button down is a must-have when it comes to lounging at the beach. It serves as such a nice cover-up and also works well when pairing it with some cute denim cut-offs! So easy breezy.
Of course, the ultimate beach accessory that I absolutely could not forget to pack, was this timepiece from Daniel Wellington. The classic black cornwall watch was the perfect touch as it is versatile and also has an effortless elegance that tied so perfectly with my chic vacation style. Now I’ll always carry this everywhere I go!
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One of my absolute favourite places to visit when it gets cold here in the city is Paradisus Punta Cana! Their resort is gorgeous, overlooking one of my favourite beaches, the Bavaro Beach, known for it’s clear blue water and soft white sands. Definitely the perfect destination to get away and unwind!

Most of the week, we have been waking up super early to enjoy breakfast by the beach and scout locations to shoot photos. As hard as it was to be an early bird, it was totally worth it! It’s not often that you get the chance to enjoy some quiet time on the beach and we had moments like these for a couple of hours while shooting awesome shots.

Paradisus has always been my first pick when it comes to vacationing and as this was my second time here, it was better than the first! We were upgraded to the Royal Service on our second stay and it was literally heaven. We had access to the private bar, dinners at La Palapa and access to their private adult only pool and beach. I couldn’t imagine a better relaxing vacation! Thank you to Paradisus for really taking care of us. I can totally see myself coming back here again in another year!
Stay tuned as I have many other looks to share from Punta Cana & Bavaro Beach! xoxo





Sweet As Fiction

Happy 2017! As you all know I love fashion, I love acting along with many other things. There are some things that you may not know about me. I went through quite a bit a couple of years ago. I was lost, I wasn’t making enough money off of acting and I wasn’t fulfilled. I was on my own living in Toronto since I was 18 as I grew up without a family, directing my own life and pursuing a career while working full-time. It was hard, but I made it happen. I was my own personal motivator. There was just something missing. I wasn’t fulfilled; I wanted¬†more¬†from my life.

Today’s article is going to be some real talk. I really want all of you to go for what you think you can’t have or maybe some of you aren’t struggling and are on the right path, but need more of a push! We all need that ‘real talk’ here and there to remind us why we are here, because we all can get lost in our day to day, am I right?

Someone once told me the definition of hell:

”The last day¬†you¬†have an Earth, the person¬†you¬†became will meet the person¬†you could have¬†become.”

I don’t know about you, but every time I read that it sends chills down my spine. We are all given one life, but how many of us actually go for our dreams? I’ve read so many stories about people who never reached their full potential due to the fear of failure or a story they told themselves, which is why they were never able to live out their dreams. How is it that the thing we tell ourselves daily is the reason we don’t move forward? Think about it. It can be dumb self-talk that can be so small, “I am not enough.” or “I’m too old.” etc. This self talk can have a larger impact in the long run. How many years does one do this to themselves until they hit a threshold? These are the years you can never get back. That’s why today, I wanted to share some lessons, personal advice and strategies that I learned while attending UPW in NYC in 2014 and again this past November in California.

UPW aka. Unleash the Power Within is taught by Tony Robbins and Joseph McClendon. This event is¬†unreal. Even saying that is an understatement. You all need to experience this at least one in your life if you can. It was personally an eye opener and helped me find out who I really was, what I wanted and what I needed to do to get to where I wanted to be. When you go for something without reason, you eventually burn out, which is what happened to me years ago, why I wasn’t¬†fulfilled.

The crazy thing is again I am pretty young and I was meeting so many people that weren’t fulfilled in their 40s, 50s and on. These people were newly divorced or stuck in a job that they hated or weren’t actually living their life to the fullest. How scary is that?! Like think about it. All those years and now you hit a wall and need to change. Let me add that it’s never to late to change.¬†Never.

What Tony and Joseph instill into you throughout those 4 days at UPW is strategies on how to change, achieve goals and find leverage. The days are long, 13 hours at max per day and you are constantly engaged, doing exercises to break patterns and replacing it with new ones. You leave with a game-plan on how to change your life for the better! How many of you want that? ūüôā If you’re still with me up to here, you freaking rock!

Here are some of the tips that I learned while at UPW that I wanted to share with you all so you can use it and really make 2017 your year!

If you really want to make a change in your life, you need to have a long term goal that you’re focusing on. Here’s where the formula below comes into play.


  1. What is it that you want to achieve?¬†If what you’re focusing on isn’t getting you what you ultimately want, than you need to change your focus. You get what you focus on.
  2. Why is this goal a must? Understand what is giving you that internal pull forward in the direction of your goal. What will you achieve in the long run by going after this?
  3. Take massive action to achieve your goal. This means doing activities over and over again until you achieve what you want.
  4. Understand and know what you’re getting.
  5. Keep fine-tuning your approach until you reach your goals.¬†And don’t forget to celebrate as you go! ūüôā

When you understand why you want your goals, have a game plan and are creating the end results, you’ll achieve what you want, especially when you’re a 1000% committed. This is just the beginning.

One thing that I found that held me back in some aspects of my life were my limiting beliefs. This is the thing that I mentioned above, the story we tell ourselves that creates a negative or positive impact on our lives. An example of a limiting belief is, “I am not enough.” or “I don’t have the time.” or “I don’t have the resources.” This is just dumb self-talk. Seriously. In the end, negative limiting beliefs hurt you. To get rid of a limiting belief takes time, but it can be easily done.


Look in the mirror and tell yourself one of your limiting beliefs in a mocking, childlike voice to make fun of your belief. ¬†Then in a confident voice, say out loud, “This is bullshit-” and then tell yourself what the¬†real truth is, what your real empowering belief is (this will replace the old one). Really believe what you’re saying.

After doing this, jump up and down and celebrate your new belief for a minute straight. Do this twice a day (until you feel your old belief is gone) and your new empowering belief will become a part of you. Good-bye negativity, good-bye limiting belief!

“It’s what you do in the dark that puts you in the light.”

These are just two ways to help detoxify aspects of your life to help you achieve what you want. These along with many other exercises from UPW really helped me define myself, my goals and find the fulfillment I was ultimately missing. You can’t achieve greatness if you stay in your comfort zone. 2017 and forward should be about replacing old habits/beliefs and going for what you truly want. You can do it!


A little side note: I attended UPW twice¬†because I wanted these new habits to be engrained in me so that I could be my ultimate best. In order to be extraordinary, you need to learn from someone who is successful and learn from their habits. To me, that person was Tony. Some of you may not know, Tony also came from a rough childhood, but didn’t let his¬†story¬†hold him back.

If you’re interested in reading more, I highly recommend¬†“Unlimited Power” by Tony Robbins¬†or purchasing a ticket to one of his upcoming UPW events. A lot of what was taught at UPW can be found in his book, but nothing beats experiencing the event live.

If you want lasting change, challenge yourself to be your absolute best, have a game plan and be ready to stretch yourself. How badly do you want 2017 to be your year? There is no better time than now to go after what you want. xoxo


  1. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
  2. The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle
  3. Tools of Titans by Timothy Ferriss
  4. Millionaire Success Habits by Dean Graziosi