Girl Bosses: We all love them and we all want to be them. Some are busy being the best boss, while others are working on the daily grind to make their ultimate #girlboss dream a reality. With so many options, it comes as no surprise that many of us are steering away from the typical 9-5 to achieve that #girlboss status more than ever.

Having created my own blog and online persona along with an e-store for my infamous talking budgie Mr. Poof, I can say I’ve learned a lot along the way. I dreamed it, did my research and created my own business making my visions a reality. Without a plan, there is no dream. Therefore, with today’s post I wanted to share some tips on how to be a #girlboss along with some advice on building an online persona.


I can’t tell you how many things I had to learn from scratch or seek others to help make my vision a reality. I started off with ideas for Sweet as Fiction, wrote down everything that I wanted with blogging, design concepts, down to the tiniest details with brand representation etc. When you become specific and create a vision, it becomes easier to make it all happen. This takes many trial and errors, but these strategic moves are what you need if you want to stand out on your own as a #girlboss.


With anything, when your business or career is new it will take time to settle in and gain exposure. There will be moments when things are slow or quiet if you want to put it bluntly. These are the moments when you need to KEEP GOING with that hustle and stick to the vision you had when you started out.

Do you know how many times Colonel Sanders was told no with his recipe for his now infamous Kentucky Fried Chicken? 1009 times. He had almost no money to his name and was retired, but he had a vision and knew his chicken was the absolute best. When everyone was saying no, he kept going until he got a yes. We all know who he is now, and he is a prime example of commitment to the dream. This is the ultimate trait for any #girlboss.



Don’t compare yourself to someone else’s journey and or compromise your values for a paycheque. When opportunities arise and something isn’t clicking, it’s okay to say no. Opportunities come and go! When you understand and accept that and know what you stand for, you will be in alignment for the right opportunities! That’s a true #girlboss move.


Always aim to renew yourself and what you have to offer. Meeting others in your field or finding a mentor is also the best tool! What better way to learn and grow then from someone who is already where you want to be! Put yourself out there and network, network, network. You never know who you’ll meet that will be of help. 🙂

Over time as you expand your business, you also will also learn what works best for you, discarding what doesn’t.  It’s okay to have your own vision and approach. This won’t be in line with what everyone else in the industry is doing, but this could ultimately be what makes you stand out and succeed. #girlbosses stay true to themselves, cultivate their creativity and do whatever it takes to succeed.


With hard work, comes long days and sometimes very little sleep. Be sure to take care of yourself when your schedule becomes hectic, eating healthy while getting in the necessary exercise. Life is all about balance. Every #girlboss takes a break when needed to stay refreshed – ready to take on anything!


Are you a #girlboss? Share your story below. Would love to hear your tips! xoxo