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It’s time to make way for breezy silhouettes and colourful shades that come with the spring season! Now it’s just a matter of figuring out how to get properly organized! To ensure that getting ready is inspiring and stress-free, read on for essential tips on how to get your wardrobe spring ready while reclaiming your closet.


As I am such a huge advocate for cleaning out my closet once per season, I truly believe that storing previous seasonal items will take away the stress that comes with spring cleaning. Take an afternoon to sort through everything in your wardrobe- moving those oversized sweaters and boots to the back of your closet, while getting rid of items that no longer serve you. As hard as it may be to part with certain items, it’s always good to donate them so they can be appreciated in a new home. This will make room for new spring pieces that will breathe new life into your everyday routine. As I’ve always said, style goes beyond the perfect outfit of the day. You really want to ensure your closet is clutter-free and looks just as chic and put together so you can do the same.


Speaking for the every-day girl, I can truly say my closet is my favourite room in the house. It tells a story as much as it inspires me to put my best foot forward. When it comes to updating my space, I usually look for home decor finds that are in synch with my style and personality. These pieces are what make my space captivating and unique. It’s where I want to be before my day gets too hectic. After purging your closet, I highly recommend assessing your design concept of your closet space. Ensure you have a full length mirror, proper storage solutions for your jewelry, makeup and shoes along with a clutter-free, airy room. This will inspire you to get dressed effortlessly because finding items on the go will be a cinch!

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Lighting really helps define a space. It’s also imperative that your closet has sufficient lighting so you can locate items easily. Since some of us have a limited amount of space, you will want a light that defines that aesthetic and helps set the tone of the room. A chandelier is one of those pieces. Wayfair is such a hidden gem and you can find many styles that are affordable. As my closet is still under construction, I’ve been eyeing this light fixture to go with the overall theme.


If there is one thing that we all have in common is a busy lifestyle. Once your closet is spring ready and organized, take some time to sift through your items and plan some looks so you won’t repeat outfits too often (ie. always jeans and a tee). Think about your upcoming week and plan outfits around staple pieces like mixing a print with a solid pant and a classic pump. Switch out pumps for flats if you’re on the go. For casual looks, you can plan around a pair of jeans etc. Have fun with it!

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Once your closet feels simplified, trust me when I say your life will not be the same! Not only does a clear, seasonal ready closet make everything more manageable, your closet will most certainly have that boutique experience. What is better than shopping in your own closet? After following the first couple of steps, you can now add new items that you’ve been coveting for spring. I’ve been eyeing this bagheels and wrap dress. Perfect for my chosen colour palette for the season.

Are you spring ready? Let me know what your tips are. Share below! xoxo