1. Add a lip liner. (Charlotte Tilbury) I love experimenting when it comes to makeup. This winter I added a lip liner to my routine to change it up. I adore this one from Charlotte Tilbury. It adds a bit of mystery and makes your lips look fuller without looking too obvious.

2. Nail colour. (OPI) Goodbye neutrals, hello deep reds and dark purples! I love these two from OPI (here + here). These will compliment everyone’s skin tone.
3. Hats. Beanies & felt hats are a great way to keep your look polished while staying warm. Pretty much obsessed with these (here + here + here)
4. Change up your scent. (Gucci Bamboo or Armani Si) As the cold season rolls in, I like to switch up my perfume and scope out newly released scents. This time of the year it’s good to switch to scents that are strong yet feminine.
5. Add a wool coat. (Burberry) Along with cozy knits, a wool coat is a great way to change up your wardrobe. Not only does it keep you warm on those cold days, but it’s the main piece to your outfit while outdoors. I am loving these found here, here and here.
6. Darken your brows. (Tarte) Eyebrows really define your face and sporting a darker brow adds more structure and drama. I highly recommend this pencil from Tarte or Anastasia Brow Powder Duo.
7. Scarves + Belts. (Lord and Taylor) Taking this style cue from one of my favourite style icons Olivia Palermo! Grab a printed scarf, add a simple skinny belt and belt it around your waist over the scarf. This accentuates your waistline while adding some dimension to your outfit. I am loving this scarf from Lord and Taylor (here + here) or this limited edition one from Burberry.
8. Sugar Lip Polish. One of those simple things that we sometimes forget to do is exfoliate our lips during the dry winter months. Add this to your daily routine and your lips will feel incredibly soft and smooth. One of my personal favourites! 🙂
Let me know if there was anything I missed. You can also follow me on Pinterest where you can check out more of my collages.
Have a great weekend! xo