Welcome to Sweet as Fiction! My name is Zivanka and I am Toronto based blogger with a penchant for all things fashion! Creating this space was a long time dream of mine and is dedicated to inspire and empower readers, where they can engage in beautifully curated posts, covering anything from daily style to beauty and everything in between!
As a Toronto native, big city living go hand in hand with my love for style; I couldn’t imagine it any other way! I love sharing tips on how to cultivate your aspirations and go for your dreams and who says you can’t look amazing while doing it all? As creativity has always been second nature to me, I’ve always been the kind to dream big and being the city girl that I am, I love drawing from all aspects that the city has to offer. Whether that’s working in front of the camera while in character or showcasing how to style a new look for my blog, I live, breathe and dream fashion on top of my love for acting, all with a latte in hand (multi-tasker 101)!
My personal style can be described as timeless and trendy and standing at 5′ ft. 4, I love branching out and sharing my styling tips and solutions for women who want to look and feel confident at any height or size. With that, Sweet as Fiction is rooted in the belief that there is beauty in everything; you can be, do or have anything imaginable!
When I am not working on Sweet As Fiction, I contribute regularly to sheBlogs Canada as one of their INsider Panelists.
instagram: @sweetasfiction
For brands looking to collaborate through a sponsored post, advertisement or giveaway, please send an email to zivanka.m@gmail.com