Saying a quick hello and sharing a few images of a favourite casual outfit that I wore a couple of weeks ago. Though technically speaking, most of what I am wearing in today’s post you’ve probably seen before (here + here), especially these jeans from American Eagle and this Chloe cross-body.

I can definitely say these are pieces that I can’t help but gravitate towards time and time again, simply because of the way I feel when I wear them. Throughout each season, I’ve learned to fill my closet with these types of items because if you’re like me, you’ve probably learned the lesson of never buying items that are just hang-worthy. These are ones that eventually end up in the back of your closet, never to be seen or worn ever again. Trial and error I tell you! From that point on, I’ve focused on adding items to my wardrobe that are ‘very me’ and love-worthy…things that make me feel good! And these are definitely two of many that I love.

What about you guys, what items do you have on rotation? Let me know below. xoxo