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I finally tried my first set of natural, classic looking lash extensions courtesy of Linda at GTA Lash Dolls and am officially hooked! The procedure took about 2-3 hours and I honestly thought I wouldn’t last (I am very fidgety!), but I did! The outcome was so worth it! I walked out with beautiful, natural looking lashes. I swear I couldn’t see where my lashes ended and where the extensions began. Linda was that good.

My first concern before going in was the state of my natural eyelashes after getting the extensions. Would they be shorter after the extensions are removed? Linda was so sweet and assured me that she would provide me with a safe weight that my natural lashes could hold. For the procedure she applied the extensions directly onto each individual eyelash, not touching the eyelids, so they could still breathe and offered me a look that wouldn’t look too overbearing. I loved mine! I chose the classic look in C curl if you were looking to get something similar.

For any of you that have always wanted to try this, but aren’t sure about the procedure etc. I had some questions answered for you from Linda via GTA Lash Dolls below:

How did GTA Lash dolls start?

Linda: It all started because I was a lash addict myself. I’ve had them done for many years and loved the outcome and how it made me feel. Plus I’m a very lazy person when it comes to make-up so if I can cheat everyday and save time getting ready. I can high five myself.

What kind of lashes do you offer?

Linda: Lashes are Between 0.07 to .20mm widths. Lengths between 8mm-14mm. Anything more that that can be and most likely be to damaging to natural lashes.

How long do they last and what kind of lashes do you use?

Linda: Mink. Lashes can last 2-3 weeks depending on how well you take care of them!

Are there any side effects with getting eyelash extensions? 

Linda: I apply them in a way that your natural eyelash will still breathe. The only issue would be during the process of the client does not shut her eyes completely fumes will enter and can cause redness. Insert some Visine and the issue should be gone in no more than 2 days.

Types/ style of lashes you offer:

Linda: Classic Doll is 1:1 eyelash application. My Volume is a mixture of 2- 4D depending on the strength of each eyelash. All styling is custom, each client has an individual lash goal and we work together to determine what is best suitable.

There you have it! If you are looking to visit Linda at GTA Lash Dolls, mention ‘Sweet as Fiction’ and you will get 30% off your first visit and a free gift. 🙂



Green Envy

Green Envy 10Green envy 1Green envy 7Green Envy 4Green Envy 6Green EnvyGreen Envy 5

|Photography by James Gomez|

I love wearing anything green in spring! It’s such a neutral yet versatile colour and is a great alternative to wearing blues and blacks. The outfit I pulled together today is from a new found favorite shop in Toronto called Shop Boa. They carry so many distinct yet affordable pieces that you can mix and match together without feeling like you’re breaking the bank.

Since it was still a bit cold in the city I paired my outfit with a comfy loose sweater while keeping my look laidback and cool. The perfect look for spring! Check out their shop and hashtag #shopboa to be featured on their page!
Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day! xoxo
Tank + Cargo pants + sunglasses via Shopboa
Zara Sweater
Jimmy Choo (also love these)
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Zara Shopping Spree with Alex & Justine

What a crazy week! I booked a small part in a movie and won a shopping spree with Zara through Eaton Centre, all in the same week! If it wasn’t already rewarding enough with winning the shopping spree, I was also able to shop with Toronto’s coveted fashion bloggers Alexander Liang and JetsetJustine. I am relatively new to the world of fashion blogging so I must admit I had a bit of stars in my eyes when I met these two. They were incredibly sweet and down to earth. Throughout the evening I had the chance to get to know them and get some personal insight into their world while getting styling tips. Every girl’s dream!
Zara Shopping Spree 12646613_1120030564675333_659978176022347875_o
Zara Shopping Spree 4
Who or what influences your personal style?
Alex: I get inspired by street style, outfits I see on instagram, travel. Everywhere! In terms of icons, I love the classic, simple look of James Dean. I also love Ralph Lauren as a person and a brand.
Justine: I am influenced by street style a lot. I love getting inspo from other women I see on the street. I’m also inspired by Victoria Beckham, blogger’s like Maria Kragmann, Happily Grey, and editor, Vivianna Volpicella to name a few.
What is your must-have piece for spring/summer 2016?
Alex: My must-have piece this spring would be a suede jacket.
Justine: My pieces for Spring/Summer 2016 are a lot of ruffles and frills. I love the whole Spanish romanticism vibe from the Spring runways. I also think anything that exposes my shoulders in an off-the-shoulder kind of way is on my list.
What advice could you give to bloggers who are just starting out?
Alex: My advice is to stay true to who you are and your own personal style. Be yourself and people like you from around the world will find you and connect with you- and that’s the most fun part!
Justine: If I had to give a piece of advice for bloggers starting out, it would be to stay true to yourself and be supportive of your peers. Never lose sight of your vision, your readers will know when you’re being authentic or not, they are smarter than you think. And there’s no point in being jealous or competitive with other bloggers. Success will only come to you when you can learn to accept and be happy for other people’s success.
What is your favorite quote or something fun people may not know about you?
Alex: Not many people know this, but I love to paint. Abstract on canvas. I haven’t done any paintings in a while, but I’m meaning to get back into it this year!
Justine: Where to I begin! Here’s a few:
  • “There’s always next season” – Me, on everything in life and fashion.
  • “The passion of an aesthete is absolutely inaccessible to man of ordinary concepts who calls a dog a dog and a spoon a spoon” – R. Huelsenbeck
  • “Find your people” (Passed on to me from a random afternoon in an artist’s brownstone in Brooklyn.)
  • “A little bad taste is like a nice splash of paprika. We all need a splash of bad taste—it’s hearty, it’s healthy, it’s physical. I think we could use more of it. No taste is what I’m against.” – Diana Vreeland.

Zara Shopping Spree 11

Zara Shopping Spree 10Zara Shopping Spree 15

|Some of the pieces I picked out along with my CFShop! Gift cards|

Peter, the store manager of Zara, and Brittany, who is the social community specialist for CF Eaton Center, accompanied us on the shopping spree taking photos and getting a personal change room started. They were so helpful. If you haven’t already been to the new revamped Zara you have to check it out! The store is huge! It took all of us about 45 minutes or so to pull several looks and when we thought we were done we kept finding more pieces to mix and match.

Zara Shopping Spree 7 Zara Shopping Spree 9

I am all about finding classic pieces that I can incorporate into different looks within my wardrobe. For the Zara shopping spree I was looking to update my 2016 spring wardrobe. Anything clean cut, neutral yet still fashionable were things that I was looking for. I walked out with some of my favorite pieces yet! Stay tuned for upcoming posts on how I styled my newfound pieces from Zara.

Zara Shopping Spree 12 Zara Shopping Spree 13 Zara Shopping Spree 14

|Photography by Brittany Ashie|

What’s your style intention this year? Use the hashtag #MyIntention on Instagram or Facebook. Thank you to Cadillac Fairview Eaton Centre, Zara and to Alex and Justine for an incredible shopping spree. Be sure to follow them and check out their pages! xoxo

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