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Every year when the temperature drops, I always get the itch to escape to a hot, sunny beach. In a couple of days I’ll be doing just that, heading to the beautiful city of Punta Cana, where they have the prettiest backdrops, clear blue water and some of the best food and pina coladas!
As I was packing for this escape, I thought it would be great to cover some beach essentials. You never want to miss anything when you pack, so without further ado, here are my absolute must-haves:
1. Beach Bag
2. Books
3. Sunnies
4. Hat
5. A Bikini or one piece swimsuit
6. Sunscreen lip balm
7. Leave-in conditioner
8. BB cream
9. Sunscreen
A properly packed beach bag is essential, especially if you want to maximize your time in the sun and sand. I always like to be prepared. What are your beach must-haves? Let me know below. xoxo


kichael bono fine artkichael bono art20160927_130247

| The first image shows the initial stages. The second + third image are the final piece. |

Apart from blogging, filming and renovating, I have been working behind the scenes with a local artist named Kichael Bonofiglio from Toronto to create a custom piece of artwork for my new home. For years I admired pieces that were ‘almost perfect’ that needed a bit of personalization or other times were too expensive. You could imagine my excitement when the opportunity arose to create my own art and bring my vision to life! Art to me is an investment. It should be a reflection of yourself, your home and should equally invoke inspiration to complete your space.

While working together with Kichael, my number one vision for the artwork was a minimalistic style combined with neutral tones and touches of gold. These colours would compliment the planned colour scheme in the living room. After going back and forth through emails, the piece was finished within 4 days. I couldn’t be more than happier with the end result and know it will be a favourite for years to come.
As I recently moved into my new home, you’ll have to wait and see it up in my space as I am undergoing renovations and waiting on furniture to be delivered.
Stay tuned. xoxo
In the meantime here’s a Q + A with Kichael Bonofiglio so you can get to know her and her work.
Tell me about yourself and how you started as an artist.
I am a self taught artist; that means I have no formal training. My training comes from the people and things around me. I find experience to be a firm and effective tutor. I started at age 11 by experimenting with different colours, textures and mediums. I couldn’t have anticipated that I could interpret so much of life into my pieces or that people would relate to it. The more I allowed myself to explore different styles and ideas, the more my work took flight.
How would you describe your style and what types of mediums do you work with?
My work is very modern and I am driven by inspiration. My style is ever-changing, but I currently love experimenting with colour and  how mixed media works together. I enjoy playing around with expression, movement and eliciting emotion in my pieces. Colours have a way of conveying emotions through art and I like to incorporate that as we are people driven by our emotions.
Where do you find inspiration or ideas from?
Everything: nature, a conversation, a quote, current affairs, people I talk to whether that be a stranger or people I’ve known my whole life etc.
What’s the best thing about being an artist?
I get to do what I love. When a client gets the final image of their work and says something like, ” It took my breath away”…. that’s the greatest reward for me.
Which of your art pieces is your favourite?
Impossible question. But I will say, I tend to favour pieces that have meaning behind them (thankfully each piece means the world to me) lol.
Where can we purchase or view more samples of your work?
Check out my website or follow me on instagram to see more of my work. I can also be emailed at


f7bf14c007f27af16634bf65b1e9cd6fliving room 1Moodie Hill house, Johannesburg, South Africa. Interior designer: Jayne Wunder. Photographer: Mark Williams. 11/11/10273fcbb900b3eb2f528d08bcb11b84c3 d20eabbb7f2fc88e4a40136e3d185230152cc4d8854beffcc67209eb4378da89Apartmentliving room 3
| images via Pinterest |
 After a few partial busy weeks of packing our entire lives into boxes, my boyfriend and I are now finalizing some more big decisions for our new place and are getting ready to change cities. It’s so thrilling, but nerve wrecking at the same, but overall the change is so welcoming. We are upgrading in a large way, moving from a small condo in the city to a house. The decor enthusiast in me cannot contain my excitement!
For today’s post I wanted to share some of my favourite interiors that I found through Pinterest. These are all perfect for any of you that gravitate towards clean, neutral interiors. Each and every one of these showcases the balance of symmetry with accessorizing and an abundance of light, which instantly lifts your mood. Which one is your favourite?
Don’t forget to stay connected through my Pinterest. I’d love to see your boards too! xoxo