Growing up in Toronto, Ontario, I never really met anyone who looked like me. Being mixed with Serbian, Spanish and Filipino I didn’t feel like I fit in through middle school or had a relatable peer, much less a role model. I guess you could say that’s why the arts was always my outlet. Creativity came as second nature to me.

I grew up with a single father who raised me until my early teens and left home when the situation was less than ideal. For those who grew up in an abusive home will understand why I do not want to elaborate any further. It was one of the hardest times in my life, but having to grow up with that experience really shaped who I am today. I was pushed in ways where I thought I couldn’t survive on my own, but I did. Now looking back, I am grateful for all of it. It made me the strong, independent woman that I am today.

As a young woman up until now, I have always been creative. I was the type of girl even as a child who would wander off, dreaming or drawing while everyone was off in groups. Fun Fact: that was exactly what was written in my kindergarden report card! I laugh when I think about it now, but it just made sense. I think that’s why throughout my teens I never felt like I fit in. I was always different. I was a dreamer, wiser beyond my years. I always thought ahead, setting goals of things I wanted to achieve and be.

Through those moments, I knew I wanted to share stories with others and empower other young women through the world of style and film, which is why acting and eventually blogging became the obvious answer. I had spent a lot of time through my high school years on stage; improv, plays you name it. I wanted to connect with others and share their stories. I was always interested in learning more. When I graduated high school, I received full scholarships to train as an actor in college and continued to tell stories through the eyes of characters from Shakespeare to characters in pivotal films, which led to auditioning for work. I even did a pageant in my early years and was Miss Latina Toronto; another fun fact that a lot of people may not know.

Through acting, I also fell in love with fashion. It was all around me. Every character’s status is shown through their wardrobe. Every piece worn tells their story and while working on sets, I found myself drawn to the fashion aspect. In between auditioning and work, I decided to create a platform where I could share another one of my loves, fashion.

“Follow your heart and embrace your uniqueness. That is your greatest asset.”

Using my blog as a platform has been such an inspiration for myself and for those I connect with. Seeing the response from women from all over and impacting them in a positive way through the form of fashion and lifestyle has been what ignites my passion to write and share everyday. It’s funny, but I follow my heart with everything. I do what feels right to me and creating within the fashion and film world has helped me embrace my uniqueness. The things that made me different when I was younger are the things I love the most about myself now.

I hope by sharing my story helps you in some way. Remember that no matter what your situation, you can go for your dreams. Follow your heart and embrace your uniqueness. That is your greatest asset. xoxo