Running from one location to another is but one of the many hats that comes with working in this industry. Truthfully, as chaotic as it can be I love it and it all comes as second nature to me, more now, especially with living outside of the city. I rely on GO Transit to skip traffic to experience faster, seamless commutes to get to all of my points of interest.
You may remember, I wrote a post spreading awareness on transit etiquette and shared the benefits of joining the conversation to help curb #etiquettefail(s). In this post, I want to expand on what helps make riding a better experience for everyone and this includes reviewing GO Transit‘s newly released book, ‘Unwritten Rules of Public Transit Etiquette Written Down.’ So keep reading!
What I like most about this book is the tongue in cheek humour relating to everyday transit etiquette, while putting forth the kind of etiquette expected from riders. No matter if you ride the GO once in a blue moon or on the daily, everyone can take something from each chapter. Whether that’s a simple reminder to not put your things on seats (butts only) or how noise can spoil a ride (i.e. waking up your fellow neighbour with music), you’ll find these tips are very implementable. I can’t say I’ve personally seen all of these examples happen on my commutes (thank goodness), but other riders have not be as lucky! I’m one of those people who are very mindful of my surroundings and am watchful of others, almost treating the space as my second home in a sense. If the suggestions in this book were all accounted for, we can treat GO Transit just as that; a second home and commuting would become comfortable and stress free for all.
It’s really interesting to see some of the top remarks made by a collective amount of concerned GO riders, which is how this book came together. Other than informing and educating the public transit masses on proper transit etiquette, ‘Unwritten Rules of Public Transit Etiquette Written Down’ is more than just a book covering that. It’s a daily reminder to think outside of yourself. It’s not just about you making the commute from point A to point B on the GO. You’ve joined others on this short journey as well. This is about keeping that moment or ride enjoyable while respecting others and the space you’re sitting in. The carefully curated lessons and quizzes like the decision-making flowchart for where you should appropriately sit, will be beneficial for those who may not know what to do in certain scenarios. Without giving away too much, this book is very informative, light and right to the point; an enjoyable read that will surely help keep #etiquettefail(s) to a minimum.
With the launch of their newly released book, three lucky readers will have a chance to win a copy of their own, plus a $100 PRESTO Card from GO Transit. To enter, leave me a comment below sharing what #etiquettefail(s) you would be happy to see fade into the background. Contest ends January 26th, 2018.
This giveaway is open to Canadian GTA residents only (winners must reside in the GTA). As of January 24, you can find the downloadable PDF for ‘Unwritten Rules of Public Transit Etiquette Written Down’ here.
Best of luck and thank you for reading! xoxo
This post was done in partnership with GO Transit. All opinions are my own.