Purchasing my first home a year ago meant sacrificing the city lifestyle I so loved to have more space. (*sigh* it was that or live in a box in the city.) My choice was an easy one; buy a house, but find an alternate way to get to work downtown. That said, my main form of travel this past year has been commuting via GO Transit. And thank goodness for the GO. It helped save on gas, parking and skip rush hour traffic. Most of my rides have been seamless, but there are days that make my rides a bit more interesting than others.

Let me explain further. We’ve all come across people that just aren’t aware of the simple forms of commuter etiquette. I think many GO Train riders can relate. Loud people on the train (especially in the Quiet Zone), intoxicating perfume, feet on the seats… these are known as #etiquettefail(s). First time hearing about this? Me too.

When GO Transit asked me to partner with them to spread awareness on transit etiquette I was on board in a heartbeat! I mean, why wasn’t this implemented sooner? The courtesy campaign launched last year, which shared humorous posters depicting etiquette fails to fellow passengers in hopes of improving commuter behaviour. These focused on the top five complaints made about fellow riders, some mentioned above. Stats have shown about a 36% drop in etiquette fails after the campaign launched, but let’s be real, there is always room for improvement.

I personally prefer to get work done on my downtime while commuting, but with these etiquette fails occurring sporadically, some days it becomes difficult to get things done. To elaborate, what has made my commute a little more interesting than others is watching forms of transit etiquette across the board. Some of these are unconscious acts from riders – for example, being loud in the Quiet Zone, playing loud music or placing your bags on empty seats (this takes away from other people being able to sit). I think if we were all aware of how our actions affected others we can make the necessary changes as a whole to make riding the GO an enjoyable experience.

Proper train etiquette makes riding with GO better for everyone. So when you see those pesky door-blockers, litter-bugs or those who think their feet belong on the seat in action, join the conversation to help curb these etiquette fails.

Let’s help spread the word on proper transit etiquette and get these etiquette fails down to a minimum. Our rides should be a relaxing one, right? I mean, I’d also like to work in peace and quiet on my commutes, don’t you? Share yours below.

**Riders that tweet @GOTransit and include the hashtag #etiquettefail will be eligible to win a free Presto card. 

Thank you to GO Transit for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.