Some of the best tips have been learned over years of personal experience and from the advice of aestheticians. The biggest one I’ve personally stuck to was buying organic skin care products. Products that aren’t organic sometimes contain alcohol which then dries out your skin and makes it sensitive in the long run. That jumpstarts the aging process. I don’t know about you, but I want to look youthful when I turn 40. I have a long way to 40, but I always like to think ahead! 🙂
I truly believe that what you put in your body gets reflected in your hair and skin. Cutting out diary and minimizing your sugar intake will help to minimize breakouts and help keep your skin clear. Adding more greens to your system is also another great tip! If you eat more veggies, I promise you you will see a difference in your skin. Other than what you use topically don’t forget the main thing; drink lots of water, exercise daily and sleep! But if you’re anything like me, you also want to use the right products for your face to help enhance your skin to make it look vibrant and clear.
Skin care
Here are the products I swear by:
Micellar Cleanser: This trend actually started in France years ago and was recently picked up by the cult beauty world. I researched it last year and switched over from soapy cleansers to micellar and haven’t looked back. It’s soothing for sensitive skin and removes makeup while leaving your face refreshened. My breakouts have lessened since the switchover.
Honey: Yes! You read that right! I used this to wash my face after I’ve removed my makeup with the micellar cleanser. I like to make sure my skin is super clean. 🙂 Make sure to buy honey closest to it’s purest form; the rawer the better. The one I use can be found here.
Toner: Also by Neostrada. I use the Level 1 toner when I feel a breakout coming or twice a week on my chin.
Serum: My favourite is this one. I use it every night and have seen amazing results! This serum is packed with fruit stem cells infused with Vitamin C to help enhance the skin’s tone and texture. I use this before my moisturizer.
Moisturizer: I love this one and this one. I rotate them and use it morning and night.
Exfoliating scrub: You can find my favourite one here. I use it once a week.
There you have it! I don’t have perfect skin, but with all of these tips, it’s helped maintain my skin to look clearer and refreshed. If you want to have clear skin, make your skin your priority. It’s your best accessory so take care of it as much as possible.
What are your favourite products or tips? Would love to hear! Comment below. xoxo