Don’t you love it when you can combine all of your latest obsessions into one single outfit? Today’s look happens to be a perfect example of that; rolling all of my top essentials into one, pieces that can transition so easily into fall. I mean, other than being practical, being able to wear these multiple ways is so refreshing.

One of these pieces is…well yet another classic bomber jacket. I know what you’re thinking. Just when you think you’ve seen them all, here is one that was a hidden gem, something I stumbled across while window shopping. I had to have it. For one thing, this particular piece has more of a fitting silhouette compared to others, which is perfect for anyone with a petite frame. I also love the fact that I can wear this with multiple looks imaginable. Dressed up or down, this jacket really is the perfect combination of style and comfort.
Adding to my list of obsessions du jour is another honourable mention… this bag from YSL. As some of you may already know, I always love a good basic. In fact, I usually look for pieces with that special detail; gold hardware or a certain silhouette. It has to pair well with a lot of my current favourites and be something that stays timeless for seasons to come. Basically it’s a piece I love, not like. This bag is all of that rolled into one. Love that!
What are your current obsessions? Do share below. xoxo