Fall is that magical time of year where the days slow down and you can feel the onset of the holidays just around the corner. That said, I love setting aside some time to rest up, re-evaluate goals and really focus on the things that I am grateful for (something I love doing daily.) With the change of a new season, means it’s also the perfect time to freshen up your wardrobe. I would stick to the golden rule of thumb, keep what you love and find a way to have it on rotation. You’ve heard me mention it on previously here on Sweet As Fiction.

The term ‘shopping your own closet’ has been something that has stuck with me ever since I first heard it. It’s virtually affected how I shop to how I organize my things. When I am looking to add new items to my closet each season, I look for little details; whether it’s an embellishment, texture in a piece or just a special meaning behind an accessory. It has to be classic, something that can be mixed and matched seamlessly with virtually anything in my closet; that way I don’t end up discarding it months later. I’ve put together a mini list of my 10 fall must-haves below:
1. A neutral coloured sweater (beige, black or white)
2. Leather/faux leather pants
3. Moto leather jacket
4. An everyday flat boot. (Love the chloe studded boots)
5. A bright bold colour sweater (bright red, emerald green, light pink)
6. A suede flat with embellishment (anything with a touch of glitter or pattern)
7. A pair of classic sneakers (Love this and this)
8. Sock bootie heel
9. Neutral coloured coat
10. Long duster or trench coat
What are some of your fall favourites and how do keep your closet shoppable? Let me know below. xoxo




Lately I’ve been opting for more comfort throughout my day to day, replacing my choice of go-to heels and expanding my collection of flat shoes. These slip ons were the first addition to my fall wardrobe, not only because they’re classic, but because they are the definition of the perfect day-to-day shoe. What makes them so flattering is the juxtaposition of the black and white, making them stand out in a subtle way. It really compliments any look and can be worn with just about anything- what’s not to love. I am so excited to have these on rotation throughout the Fall and will share some tips below on how to style slip on sneakers appropriately:
My wardrobe consists of the good ol’ basics: every coloured tee possible, crew neck sweaters and too many pairs of denim. Denim is the perfect piece to wear on any given day and luckily slip on sneakers work well with them too.
Slip on sneakers are cool when added to a pair of cropped trousers and a leather motto as it elevates any casual look, giving it that unexpected touch (very similar to what I wore in today’s post).
For those of you that follow along on Sweet as Fiction know that I normally style my looks with balance. I love mixing chic pieces with masculine ones and keep my overall palette neutral. Another fun way to incorporate slip on sneakers is by adding them with your wardrobe staples (a sweater and skirt ensemble) or your travel uniform (joggers and loose long sleeve shirt). This instantly adds that effortless vibe while creating the perfect balance within your outfit of choice.
How do you style yours? Share below. xoxo



I love having a busy schedule! I really do. Juggling a million things is how I’ve always been. I guess you could call this the ambitious side of me: always moving forward with my sights set on my goals. Yet, as much as I love having this chaotic schedule, I also believe in the importance of sleep and balance. That means making downtime to unwind and recharge. And so, every so often, I dedicate an hour or so a day to do the things I absolutely love.

I truly believe we should all do this. I call this the no-phone/unplug yourself-from-the-world kind of ritual. This all came about when I found myself burnt out a couple of weeks ago. I will admit, even though I loved having these opportunities come left, right and center it was time to take a step back and listen to what I really needed: balance and most importantly rest (it’s quite liberating not to have say yes to everything and just do ‘me’).

That said I’ve never really shared some of my favorite rituals with you guys. I thought it might be fun to highlight ways I love to unwind and recharge:


Probably something not a lot of us care to admit, but we sometimes forget to make time for the things we love doing. Turn off your phone for a couple of hours a night and take time for yourself. Taking a bath, cooking and journaling are all of my favourite ways to unwind. I also love doing a mask once a week.


Did you know we spend about a third of our lives sleeping? Studies have shown that getting a good night’s sleep is necessary for our overall well-being. On average we need 7-9 hours a night to function at our very best. For a balanced lifestyle, sleep becomes one of my main priorities. That means going to bed a little earlier every night so I have time to let my mind rest and reset. On that topic, reading in bed has also been a guilty pleasure of mine as that helps me fall asleep naturally.


One of the main reasons I used to love staying at luxury hotels was how well I slept and how relaxed I was after my stay. Why couldn’t I have that sleeping at home? After introducing the Endy mattress and pillows into my sleep routine, I can say I won’t be missing those stays anytime soon.

For those of you that are new to the brand, Endy is locally sourced meaning their products are 100% Canadian made. Since buying a mattress is an investment, Endy provides a 100 day trial period to test out their products. If you’re not completely satisfied Endy provides you with a full refund, which is incredible for those of you that are looking to spend wisely on the right mattress.

What I personally love about my sleeps on the Endy is that I no longer wake up with back pain, which is huge for me since I love sleeping on my back. I also no longer need to double up on pillows as Endy’s contain removable foam that you can adjust to make your pillows customizable to your liking. Love that! All in all, I have been having my best sleeps yet! Coming home to a bed that provides that perfect amount of comfort and support makes me look forward to the downtime I set aside every night. To read more about Endy, click here.




There you have it. Sleep is one of my main priorities, just as much as unwinding with a good mask. What are things that help you unwind and recharge? Do share below. xoxo


Thank you to Endy for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.