Summer Essentials Chloe Nile TOP | BOTTOM | HEELS | CROSS-BODY BAG

I don’t know about you, but I truly think white is summer personified! It’s timeless yet feminine and also signifies the arrival of the hottest season of the year. Although I love wearing colour in general, white just happens to be one of my favourite summer favourites! The fact that it’s so universally appealing and virtually accepted by all at this time of the year, makes it one of the main reasons why I can’t imagine a summer without it!

For the most part, one of my favourite ways to wear white is from head-to-toe. It creates a strong yet understated impact to an overall look, which to me, adds a bit of sophistication. I chose to go with basic pieces for today’s post to create a monochrome look, which can easily be achieved by anyone. These pieces can be mixed and matched seamlessly with anything within your current wardrobe and isn’t too overbearing or in your face for everyday either. Simply love that!

One trick I stuck to when styling this look was adding an embellished accessory like these rock stud heels, but because they are in a neutral colour they played off the white effortlessly keeping it the main focal colour point. The finishing touch was yet another favourite score from Saks, a hard-to-get and always-sold-out cross-body bag from Chloe. It really is the perfect piece for the season!

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What do you think about white for summer? Do you have any pieces you are most excited to wear this season? Do share! xoxo