When I am putting a look together, I always think about which pieces make me feel confident or comfortable. Finding my own confidence came over time when I understood what my personal style was. I learned what works best for me and in turn, created my own uniform that I can throw on when I am on the go! Fashion truly speaks volumes; when you wear something that makes you feel special that’s when you feel your absolute best, confident and effortless!
I personally love to add at least one investment piece to an outfit. Wearing these items really sets the mood of your overall look, making an impact, not to mention setting you apart from everyone else. When you invest in a piece of fashion, you’re also investing in the quality of the item, having it for years to come. An example of an investment piece can be a bag or a piece of jewelry. It’s something that you see yourself wearing over and over that isn’t necessarily on trend. To create a style that’s uniquely your own, I suggest mixing all of your all time favourites, marrying investment pieces with casual every day pieces. This is what creates your own personal style or what I like to call your everyday uniform!
For today’s look, I went with this leather jacket, sweater and ripped denim to keep this look sleek and effortless; very much my own uniform. These pieces can go with just about anything which is something that I look for when I am out shopping. Anything versatile is my go-to!
What about you, have you defined your own personal uniform? Let me know below. xoxo