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Hi loves! I wanted to say a quick hello and share some images I shot a week ago of the most absolute, perfect pair of sneakers; the Nebula from GEOX. Their campaign is all about #startbreathing and their shoes are not a bit short of it. I can’t decide what I love most about my Nebulas, the colour or just how comfortable they are. Regardless they have become a current favourite for fall.
Aside from my love of high heels, finding these sneakers were heaven sent! They maintain such a stylish aesthetic while being versatile; something that I always search for in any pair of shoes added to my closet. The leather detailing also takes this shoe up a notch from any other sneaker I’ve seen and is one of the main reasons it caught my eye. It’s perfect for casual pairings or anything in between! So good with a dress and leather jacket, but equally stylish with causal wear during the day if you want to give your feet a break. Love that it can worn multiple ways!
In general, I would say that a pair of black sneakers is a fall must-have. How would you wear these? Do share. xoxo